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How to refer a Friend

The easiest way to refer a friend is via a 3-way introduction. You can do a 3 way invite by email or text message.

Send out a 3-way message to your friend, yourself and Mike Benedic (504) 414-7788.

Feel free to copy/paste this message:

Hi Mike,


I am referring my friend/family FIRST & LAST NAME. I’ve copied them on this EMAIL/TEXT. 

I’ll let you take it from here!

That’s it!!!

Mike will take over the conversation from there and we’ll pay you a MINIMUM of $100 based on the size of the project. We studied what is costs us to acquire a new customer through advertising and realized that we love paying our friends and past customers vs. Google, Facebook, TV, etc.

Thanks in advance for thinking of our business and referring us! It means the world to us!

Want to help us even MORE? Go give us a glowing review on Google, that also helps people find us! Click here to give us a review –

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